the logo for accessor labs has three rods of color arranged like a 3D axis


applied cryptography

collaborative enterprise



We are focused on designing a new exchange architecture. It is an application-specific validium called Liquidium. You can read more about it here.

about us

We apply cutting-edge cryptographic research to solve the highest-impact problems for institutions and individuals.

Novel cryptographic primitives, such as zero-knowledge, will transform modern communication. When combined with blockchains and other peer-to-peer networks, we can unlock private and scalable data flows, in pursuit of a more collaborative, creative internet. We see a future in which platforms no longer disempower individuals. Instead, we will be self-sovereign over our own information.

Accessor Labs pursues this vision by (1) identifying high-impact applications of cryptography and (2) building tools, standards and prototypes. In the spirit of open collaboration and to further communal knowledge, we share our research with the world. We are primarily grant funded.